Did you know that you can order PrEP prescriptions online with PrEP Health. 

Here are 4 easy steps to do it:

1.Fill in the form: 

Complete this form to order PrEP: https://prep.health/getprep/

2. Healthcheck 
You will get a pathology referral for STI (Including HIV) and Kidney Screen usable at ANY pathology clinic near you in Australia.

3. Prescription ready
When your prescription is ready, you will receive an eScript right to your phone.

4. Order delivery or pickup locally
Once you’ve received your eScript you can order the medication delivered or pickup locally.
We always have supply and can promptly deliver your medication.


PrEP Medication price for 3 months medication (As of May 2024)
$ 94.80
$31.60 per month per PBS.
Australia Post Express Post
Price: $ 15.00

For more information visit: https://loom.ly/J5i7ltA

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