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A published collection of pieces of writing

  • Gay and Open

  • I haven’t written poetry in a while

  • Empathy is sexy

  • Volunteering Gives Back

  • Tales of the city

  • Do we still need allies?

  • A story of emerging

  • 4 steps to order PrEP online

  • International AIDS Candlelight Memorial

  • National Day of Women Living with HIV

  • Stop the rise of syphilis

  • Do you really give no f*cks?

  • Apple bottom jeans, boots with the furrrr

  • Queer urban

  • Embrace your inner cheek

  • Get savvy with your emotions

  • Hepatitis Virus: An Explainer

  • The Bravery of Queer Love

  • Darren’s Story – Living with HIV

  • Jimmy’s Story – Living with HIV

  • Kink Corner

  • Caring for our carers

  • LGBTIQ+ Refugees

  • Is it okay I miss you?

  • Indulging the ego?

  • Crushes in Media: 2000s vs Today

  • Relishing in our Recognition

  • Brad’s Story

  • Sharing is not always caring

  • Kink Corner

  • Working to end male family violence – with a Rainbow Tick

  • Rainbow Connections – reducing isolation for our older rainbow family

  • Cozy fantasy reading recommendations

  • Unleashing your sexual self

  • I Sing So I Remember Who I Am

  • Kink Corner

  • Where do I fit?

  • Spitting is gross, but it cannot transmit hepatitis B or C

  • Advocating for Change

  • Mpox Vaccines in Tasmania

  • Divine Dyke

  • Risk Aware

  • Party Season Harm Reduction

  • A Kindness We Deserve

  • Language Matters

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