I am a man who wears heels. I wear skirts with button-up shirts and trackies with a hoody. I wear crop tops with (faux) fur jackets and so much more. 

But why does it matter? Why can I feel everyone’s eyes on me as I walk down the street, judging, supporting, hating, loving. Why are everyone’s eyes on me? Aren’t they all made from the same fabrics? 

And why do I continue to do it? 

Simple, I’m not doing it for me, maybe not even for you, the reader – I’m doing it for my fellow queer folk. I’m doing it for all the years that I needed a role model and was left wanting, for all the times that I felt alone and invisible and unwanted. 

I’m doing it because I have reached a point in my own self-acceptance that I can handle the stares, and the threat of harassment both physical and verbal. Because I refuse to dim my light for others to feel comfortable. 

I do it for all the queer folk who aren’t there yet – for all the young Coreys who feel alone and invisible and unwanted. I do it to shine a light at the end of what can sometimes feel like a dark and never-ending tunnel. 

I do it for the trans folk who need to see that they can live the way that suits them, not the people around them. I do it for the just-come-out gay who hasn’t reached the “fuck-gender-norms” part of being queer where you can wear pearls and eyeliner, but also really, really wants to. 

I am doing this, and will continue to do this, so that the most vulnerable members of my community can live without the stares, and the slurs, and can instead live in freedom, with as much safety as possible in this problematic, cisgender and hetero-normative world. 

…And I might be doing it because I’m a little bit of an attention whore too xx 

Remember to keep your chin up lovelies – always and forever <3

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