1 in 6 Tasmanians take on the highly admirable and often self-sacrificing role of being an unpaid carer. Oli is one of them.    

Despite their young age, Oli has been a carer for several different people, all while juggling their own health conditions, work, and university. 


Oli cared for their late mother throughout her cancer journey and currently provides daily support to their wife, Realm, who is non-binary and lives with multiple disabilities.  


As a member of the LGBTQIA+ community, Oli previously experienced challenges when accessing carer support while they lived in Queensland.   


Since returning to Tasmania, Oli asked for help from Care2Serve, Tasmania’s Carer Gateway provider and has been able to access free support. 


Care2Serve is Rainbow Tick accredited and understands the unique lived experiences of LGBTQIA+ carers.   


Through Care2Serve, Oli was able to access a range of support, such as counselling, getting help at home, and respite. 


With support in place, Oli was able to take a break from caring and go to a young carer getaway while Realm was being looked after by a support worker. 


“I went on a young carers retreat which was really nice. I had a bit of a break and met people in a similar situation.”  


The Tassie provider, Care2Serve, also connected Oli with local support, offering them help with everyday chores. 


“It’s really good having someone come over who’s able to do things like put the washing on and make the bed. It gives me that little bit of extra time to practice self-care.” 


Taking care of your body’s basic needs, such as eating three meals a day can sometimes take low priority for carers like Oli. 


“There was a time when I would have an iced coffee and a yogurt for breakfast, and then nothing else until 8:00pm.” 


“That was not good. I just was so tired all the time. I had no energy to do anything.”  


“Eating gives you so much more endurance, because 98% of caring is a marathon, not a sprint. And if you’re not looking after your own body, how can you look after someone else’s?”  


If you’re an unpaid carer like Oli and need support, you can ask for help from Carer Gateway by calling 1800 422 437 (press 1) or visiting carergateway.gov.au.

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